Long Trail Phase 2

Phase 2 is all about the long run.  I want to log as many 18-22 mile runs as possible before I get to phase 3.  I also plan to hit the stairs hard in phase 2.  Mon – Thurs will mostly be maintenance and recovery for the weekend.  I anticipate the Sat-Sun combo of stairs > long run to be very tough, but should pay huge dividends once I can get back on the trail.



Planned Vs. Reality

The winter was warm and dry so I didn’t need to hide in any stairwells like I thought.  I mostly stayed consistent with phase one and built up my long runs and focused on back to back work with about 12 hours of recovery.  Typically I would do Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning, before taking a day off on Monday.  I didn’t do as many 18-20 milers as I hoped, but I got a few in and finished with a 50k.  Overall, I’ve learned that I don’t need all the miles I thought I did.  Recovery and diet became just as important.


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