Day 10: Kevin’s Version

Finally, after 9 long days and over 180 miles we arrived at the final drop zone. Yesterday was long and painful. I was in bad shape when we went to bed last night and I was nervous about finishing. I woke up feeling surprisingly OK. I think the adrenaline was already going. Vanessa had had enough early wake up calls and was nearly unconscious when we got started. The first stretch was 11 miles to the final road crossing before the MA/VT border. It would be 3 more to the border, and then a soul crushing 3 back to the bus.

I started off feeling OK and then a few miles in I ran into a pack of scouts. Their leader called for them to move left to make room for me. Unprompted, and as if they knew what I was on the verge of accomplishing, they started cheering me on. I ran past in a full stride, high-fiving all the way down the line. Their shouts echoed behind me as I flew past with a big smile on my face. Cool.

I made it to the Seth Warner Shelter, and the reality of 17 miles on sore, blistered feet had set it. I was pretty much on fumes as I climbed the final hill to the sign. I looked around, snapped a pic, leaned over, and turned back. The skies opened up for my 3 mile “cool down” and I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t have to run in the famous VT mud.

Amy and Vanessa were waiting at the bus with Chariots of Fire playing and a nice sign. I almost fell with 20 yards to go, but made it safely to my girls.

I promised myself (and Amy) I’d take off the rest of August, anyone think I can?




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