Day 10: Amy’s Version

The end of the road! I will let these 2 videos speak for themselves:

After this 10 day experience, there’s a few things left to be said in closing. First and foremost, is how proud I am of Kevin, and how much I respect him for being able to see this through. It made it easy to do whatever it took to support Kev when I saw how much he was willing to endure to meet his goal.

Second, thank you to friends and especially family for all of your support. It was so encouraging and rejuvenating to know that you were there with us, there in spirit, or reading along as we went mile by mile through Vermont. You kept us both going, and that is more important than you can know.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who donated to the dental clinics that Kev is supporting with this run. You’ve made a difference in a LOT of people’s lives. They may never thank you, but we do. From the bottom of our hearts.

And so, stay tuned, because I have no doubt that there are more, bigger and better adventures to come.

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About Amy

Any certified art teacher can draw and paint. What made me effective? Life experiences. I teach children with emotional and behavioral challenges, took care of patients with Alzheimer's, and work with children with cancer. I grew up in New Jersey, and I waitress in a bar whose customers have a bigger attitude problem than I do. I managed a retail shop for five years. All of these ordinary and extraordinary experiences help me understand people. Without that understanding, it's just another art lesson.

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