Day 9: Vanessa’s Version

I felt so bad to see my daddy have to go up mountains for 8 hours with no break. I didn’t want him to go but I knew he had to.

In the meantime my day consisted of painting pieces of cardboard and watching mini salamanders swim around. That was fun but I had a painting accident. The cup of paint was on the cardboard and the wind blew it all over my shirt. But lucky for me, Amy is an expert at a lot of things, so she got it out. A few minutes later a lady walked up and was like, “Can I see what your painting?” So Amy said sure. She came over, blah blah. Then she goes, “Did you rent this RV?” (our RV says 1-800-RV4rent in big red letters on the side) Haha. Good times.

When dad came back he limped up the path and I knew it wasn’t fun for him. I asked him to describe in three words how today felt. Long, pain, torture. He sat on the stairs and Amy and I kinda stared at him while he ate a peach. It made funny noises.

The rest if the day was quiet until we came up with disposable underwear. They are called Dispose-a-Pair, so daddy looked it up and found out that they already exist. They are called Onederwear. Bummer.


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