It’s Further Than You Think

My wife and I debated about if the tag line for this blog should be “Farther” or “Further”. We concluded that it depends on your perspective.

From Grammar Mishaps
Farther:  Farther shows a relation to physical distance.
Further: Further relates to metaphorical distance or depth.

Your distance might be 1 mile or 100, a PR in an upcoming race, or just getting back in shape. For me, it’s not only about the miles or the distance.  I see the “distance” as always being just beyond wherever I am.  In life, business, and sport, the goal is just over the next hill, and it seems there is always another hill, followed by a descent, and another peak. Running and life employ a confusing mix of pleasure and pain, and the trick is to enjoy both equally.  Every step is progress, every step gets you further down the path.


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